Monday, 5 December 2011

MICKEY MONDAYS: Manifestations of the Mouse

Happy 110th Birthday

Today's Mickey is Blaine Gibson's 'Partners' statue: a bronze likeness of the Mouse standing hand-in-hand with his creator in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Disneyland.

Image: Brian Sibley


docnad said...

I've always loved this statue! Thanks for posting it, Brian!

Brian Sibley said...

Me, too! Many years ago now, on my very first ever visit to Imagineering (then still called WED Enterprises), the very first person I was introduced to Blaine Gibson. A charming man and a brilliant talent.

Bryan said...

One of my favorite Disneyland icons, Brian. BTW, the castle in the background in Sleeping Beauty's, not Cinderella's. I'm sure you knew that, being the incredible Disney historian you are!

Brian Sibley said...

Bryan – How bizarre! What an extraordinary mistake to make! I love Cinderella's Castle in WDW's Magic Kingdom (the soaring towers are very satisfying) but the homely feel of SB's castle is unique - and, of course, part of Walt's highly personal legacy. Gaff duly corrected!