Saturday, 7 May 2011


A Disneyland souvenir from the '60s – this one was posted to the UK in 1966.

It is fascinating to think just how much has changed (and, in particular, how permanent some things look in these pictures that are long, long gone!) but also how much has remained exactly the same!

Looking at the "26 colorful scenes" on this concertina post-card, I find myself really wishing I'd seen Nature's Wonderland and had a go on the Flying Saucers. Never mind, I did see the original Fantasyland (before its 1983 face-lift) and had lunch on Captain Hook's Pirate Galleon!

This is Disneyland 1
This is Disneyland 2
This is Disneyland 3
This is Disneyland 4
This is Disneyland 5
This is Disneyland 6

This is Disneyland 7
This is Disneyland 8
This is Disneyland 9
This is Disneyland 10
This is Disneyland 11


Anonymous said...

Brian - wonderful to see that these accordian cards ended up everywhere. We first went to Disneyland in April 1962 and I well remember the Flying Saucers(really neat) and natures Wonderland. Even loved the Old Fantasyland with the 20,000 Leagues Sets. I think it was a better place then!

Clement Glen said...

I am sure the pictures used in the postcards were also on my 'Viewmaster' 3D viewer that I had a child.

How I dreamed of visiting Disneyland as a child in the 1960's and America seemed as far away as the moon. But I later did visit Disneyland in California and it was just as magical as I had hoped!

Brian Sibley said...

Anon (aka Mike!) – I like the 'new' Fantasyland village (for the dark rides) but miss the Galleon and Skull Rock - old memories are always awakened when I see the ones in D'land Paris!

Clement – You may be right! Will have to dig mine out to check. The National Geographic Disney issue was my 'guide' for many years before I ever got there.

On my very first visit (I was researching a BBC TV show) I was given a human guide, but by midday she was so fed up with taking round this man who appeared to know more about the place than she did that she gave me lunch at the Carnation Ice Cream Parlour and said, rather wearily: "I think I'll let you run around by yourself now..."

Brian Sibley said...

PS: Clement – Glad I found your blog, by the way!