Wednesday, 13 April 2011


OK, some of the images are a bit off model-sheet (and Thumper seems to have got rid of his grey hairs!) but wouldn't it have been fun as a kid, back in the 'fifties, to have had a TV dinner off this jolly Disney tray?

'Gems from Disney' Tray

Manufactured in Britain in tinplate metal by Worcester Ware, the tray measures 31.5cm x 41cm (12.5" x 16.25"). From the prominence of Peter Pan and the presence of both Cinderella and Alice, I would guess that this was produced in 1953.


Matt said...

I've always loved this tray. I have a couple of Alice-specific trays that I will be posting shortly , I believe they are from the same manufacturer

Andy Latham said...

Never mind being a kid, I'd like to sit down with one now!! :P

Steven Hartley said...

Peter Pan is a fun Disney feature - it's also a gem. The Woolie Reitherman Captain Hook and Crocodile spree animation is probably just the best part! I quite like the Flight to London sequence, and especially Ollie Johnston's Mr. Smee.

I believe the picture of the mermaids in the dish was animated by Fred Moore and his last work before he fatally passed away in a car crash.

Brian Sibley said...

Matt – Do you agree with my dating?

Andy – Right! And I do!! :)

Steven – The mermaids were, of course, the natural choice of characters for Freddy Moore!

Steven Hartley said...

I also read on a website called "Alberto's page" and it says that Fred Moore also animated some of Mr. Smee - of course - the footage may be low for the mermaids. When the draft gets posted sooner of later - that's when the real evidence comes!

Wobble The Witch Cat said...

It's strange isn't it how each decades' versions of famous Disney characters vary tremendously from deade to decade!

Some of the recent versions of Snow White are ghastly in my opinion!

Brian Sibley said...

Wobble – I agree. The modern Snows are way too adolescent. What's more, if I was an Evil Queen with a stepdaughter as sexy as most of them now look, I wouldn't need a Magic Mirror to tell me who was the Fairest in the Land!!

Mind you, this one makes the Wicked Witch look like (to mix fairy-tales) Glinda the Good!!