Sunday, 23 May 2010


My love-affair with Disney began in the cinema, watching re-issues of the classic features and taking huge delight in spotting detailing - particularly in the pictorially rich Pinocchio - that, for many audience-members, would go unnoticed.

Similarly, one of the pleasures of exploring the Disney parks is the chance to discover little out-of-the-way details that are a part of the cumulative atmosphere of the place but which are invariably missed by so many visitors.

When spotted by the observant Disneyite, however, these discoveries take the form of a 'reward' for keeping one's eyes open and taking the time to stop and look up, or down or round this or that corner.

One such place to make a momentary stop is the faux-entrance to the Disneyland Casting Agency on Main Street, USA.

Pause here a moment - while the crowds rush headlong for the hub in their eagerness to get to their favourite rides before the lines lengthen out of sight - and enjoy the beautifully embellished window panel in the door that establishes the style and theme of this charming conceit...

Disneyland Casting Agency (1)

Then peruse the NOW CASTING poster that provides any passer-by who lingers long enough with a series of Disneyesque smiles and chuckles....

Disneyland Casting Agency (3)

You may need to view it at a larger scale in order to read the full details but, among many interesting openings on offer, are (or were in 2005) the following:

Must work with flying elephants.
Trained in the magic feather technique.
Send resume to: T.M. at our Florida office.
[Note: T.M., Timothy Mouse, obviously]

Seeking ghosts and goblins to perform with ghoulish delight
in haunted house musical. Spirited performers only.
Auditions at Ghost Relations.

A Jewel of A Role
7 openings for Miner roles. Must work well with animals, princesses
and whistle while you work. Short hours.

sought for alpine-themes production.
Auditions First Snowfall, Matterhorn Mountain Features.

Children's fantasy film needs extras to play playing cards, Singing Flowers,
and a Doorknob. Singing, dancing and shrinking abilities a plus.
Wonderland Featurettes, Room 10/6. Don't be late.
[Note: The room number is, presumably, the office of the Mad Hatter!]

One Airborne Pixie

Aerial artists to fly in nighttime Extravaganza.
See T. Kline for further info.
[Note: Tiny Kline (born Helen Deutsch, 1891-1964) was Hungarian born
circus performer who performed with Barnum & Bailey and at Disneyland
where (from 1961-1964) she 'flew' from the Matterhorn to Sleeping Beauty's Castle
at the start of the evening's fireworks display.]

There are also some surprising jobs that it is surprising to find are still being advertised, among them...

Miniaturization Technician
Can you operate the mighty microscope?
An inner space adventure needs you. Hurry!
Opportunities are shrinking! Snowflake EFX Ltd.

Ground Controller
Rocket to the Moon (and back). No experience necessary.
Report to Mr. Morrow, Moonliner Flight Systems.

If only those vacancies were still available...


Snow White Archive said...

What an excellent start to a new blog. I've added 'decidedly disney' to my blog roll and became a follower.

Watch for a post on all things Brian Sibley coming shortly.

Brian Sibley said...

Thank you, Robert! You Snow White Sanctum blog is a mine of diamond delights. Hope I can dig up a couple of SW&7D gems for you once in a while!